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creating a happy marriage
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Putting in the Effort

Marriage isn’t always sunshine and roses, but when both parties put in the effort to make it work, it can lead to a fulfilling and loving relationship that lasts an entire lifetime. Typically, in order to have a truly happy marriage, both spouses must be committed to listening, communicating, and compromising with each other so the marriage can prosper. Many divorces could be avoided if spouses paid more attention to learning and implementing ways to create a happy marriage.

Your Spouse Comes First

You have many types of relationships in your life, but your relationship with your spouse should be the most important and receive the most care and attention. Your spouse should be placed at the top of your priority list; yes, even before your children. If you are always striving for ways to make your spouse happy, then your marriage is almost destined to be a success. If you are constantly selfish and looking out for only yourself, a call to a divorce lawyer may be on the horizon.

Agree on Private Time

While you probably have many wonderful things you love to do together, it’s also okay to have hobbies and interests that are yours alone, just be open and honest about it. Spouses should have private space and time away from each other to develop their own talents and personality. You’ll spend a lot of time together while married, but spending some time apart shows a security and maturity that is a key ingredient to marital success, providing that time apart includes healthy activities.

Examine Yourself and Make Changes

It’s easy to look at your problems and arguments and think that they wouldn’t exist if you were married to someone else, but the reality is that the problem may lie within yourself rather than in your spouse. Remember that while the grass may seem to be much greener on the other side, you are just as likely to find similar problems there as well, maybe worse. It’s easier and wiser to examine yourself for flaws and develop a plan to eliminate them and replace them with something better.

There are so many little things you could argue with your spouse about each day, but ask yourself regularly if they are really that important to argue about. Let go of the little things that irritate you and probably don’t make a big difference anyway. It’s better to limit arguing your points when they are genuinely important to you. Treat your spouse with the same respect you expect for yourself and keep your focus on what matters most – your marriage relationship.